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  • "I just received the Lesley double LP and I was amazed of what can be achieved by using pure analog technology. The depth information in particular is stunning. I wish there were more albums I could pick from!"

    Argiris Baritakis
  • "Its around midnight at the "back-end" of a long day, and I've just been relaxing listening to Lesley's  "Jazz Me"  CD - what a fabulous sound !

    Certainly this is one of the finest recordings I've ever heard - just a pure musical (and magical) experience.  Top musicians and recording techniques, coupled with a high-end audio replay system generate an almost unbelievable atmosphere and realism - just keep up the great work!
    Many thanks.

    Mike Spink
  • "You may remember that I purchased an Ichiban kit a couple of months ago .....  I have just completed the kit, having had to delay the start of it until another project was completed.  Although I finished it yesterday, I could not bring myself to actually connect it up until this morning.  My greatest fear was that I would find that I was either disappointed, or that something was wrong and I was in no hurry to find out.

    I have spent the day in rapture.  I first put on some orchestral transcriptions of Bach's organ music and, as I am "batching" it this weekend, I cranked up the volume.  I am totally thrilled, not to mention satisfied with the sound being produced.  It has a transparency and clarity that I am unaccustomed to.  I am not an audiophile, but I am sure that a critical listener would be impressed.  I am hearing things I never heard from my stereo before, and although it is hard to tell without side by side comparison, I doubt if the more expensive systems I heard in the audio stores at twice the price would be any better sounding to me.

    The sound that emanates from the Ichiban is pleasant and maybe even a little mellow, yet sharp and clear.  Even at high volumes and crashing crescendos there was no hint of strain on the speakers, and the softer passages were well defined without being in any way harsh.  My listening experience is one of being enveloped by sound; exactly what I had hoped for.

    The project to build the  cabinets was fun and gave me an opportunity to experiment a little.  I had never used raw wood veneer before, and I had never used wood corners to join adjacent MDF panels.  I selected African Padauk as the wood and used 1" thick MDF.  The project took three weekends and the result is a pair of very beautiful speakers.  Since aesthetics are important to me (and especially to my wife) we have the speakers covered with grills such that they look similar to the units in your photograph, only with a different wood.  When I have photos, I will send you one.  In addition to being happy with the quality and design, I am very proud of how these came out."

    Phil Groeben
    Arizona, USA