BassZilla Feeback: December 2006

©Dick Olsher 2006

Several DIYers have submitted (unsolicited) enthusiastic feedback and pictures of completed or upgraded BassZilla speaker systems – just in time for the 2006 Holiday season. For a bit of Holiday cheer, I present a few testimonials from the latest members of the BassZilla Club.

The original Audax/Fostex BassZilla is intensely musical and one of my favorite versions.
Bob Scates (Virginia) writes:

“Dick, You may not recall my emailing you mid-october needing vent dimensions on the original Basszilla with the Audax PR380M2 / Fostex because I lost my originals when moving- many thanks for sending them- I built them about a month ago using Luan plywood (3/4", double front, cross bracing) and they sound just so great I had to express my gratitude to you! The detail and imaging, the articulate and slammin' bass, the joy of hearing LP's and tapes I made off the air in the early '80s like I had never really heard them before, the joy of sitting down with my wife and having intense listening sessions- It Is Extraordinary!”

Rick Tiedemann (Florida) writes: “Last week I "finished" building a Basszilla per your plans (Diamond Edition, open baffle on top, bass reflex on the bottom, bi-amping using Phil Marchand's XM-44 active crossover. I wanted to spring for the tubed XM-26, but didn't). Before this I had been running a Lowther with an Aurum Cantus ribbon tweeter in a Medallion cabinet...trying to augment it with a sub woofer.

    WOW....what a nice difference the Basszilla makes. It has such a nice balance crossed over at 250Hz with the slopes you recommended. I just can't stop playing records. 

    Thanks for sharing the results of your countless sound searching hours. The 25 bucks for the plans has been one of the best "hi-fi" investments I ever made.

 … This is a picture of my BassZilla. The woodwork isn't finished...but they sound so nice I can't say when I'll find time to do it. For now, I can't stop listening.”

And from Peder Solås in Norway come the following pictures of his latest Diamond Edition.

Many thanks to all of you, enjoy the music, and my best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2007!