The BassZilla DIY Project: Kevin Kerwinís Platinum Edition
by Dick Olsher

Every once in a while, something unexpected comes along. Itís the BassZillaís familyís good fortune that Kevin Kerwin, an architect from St. Louis, decided to take up the DIY challenge of the Platinum Edition. Along the way, he refined the look and feel of the project. I think you will agree that his vision and execution of this project have raised the bar for the Platinum Edition. AutoCAD drawings were used for CNC cutting of the wood. Iím particularly fond of the woofer cabinet implementation, which of course also applies to the Diamond Edition. I was so enthusiastic about Kevinís work, and since he offered to cut extra cabinets and baffles at the mill, I paid him to build me a set of cabinets and open baffles for my personal use.

With Kevinís permission, I am posting a montage of images aimed to providing an overview of his Platinum Edition. If you have any specific questions, I will be glad to put you in touch with Kevin... just let me know. Enjoy!