BassZilla Platinum Edition Mk.2: The Jon Noble Open Baffle
by Dick Olsher (September 2010)


Doc Jon Noble’s BassZillaRiZation process was aptly detailed in Tip 71. It occurred to me that other DIYers may be interested in constructing the modified open baffle described in that article. Noble’s conception of the BassZilla open baffle is, simply put, more open on the backside than the original Platinum Edition layout of Kevin Kerwin. First of all, the Fostex driver’s rear wave is less obstructed. The side panels were dispensed with to reduce the potential for standing waves and afford a less boxy look. Oh, and I see that I almost forgot to mention the curvaceous fascia; there can be little doubt that more curves equals more sex appeal. I think you’d have to agree that this baffle represents a magnificent effort by cabinet maker Peter Kelsey.

It took several months for the Noble baffles to arrive in New Mexico via surface mail (a minor miracle indeed), and a couple more months for me to make the transition. Having by now lived with this exotic African Imbuia version for quite a few weeks, I can honestly say that it’s a clear winner. Imaging precision is improved, most likely a consequence of reduced diffraction effects. And soundstage spaciousness is also enhanced. Dimensional drawings are shown below courtesy of Doc Noble.



BassZilla Baffle 2

BassZilla Baffle 3