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Black Dahlia Music (BDM) was founded in 1995 by Dick Olsher, who was then Stereophile Magazine's Senior Cont. Editor and is now Senior Editor at Enjoy the Review Magazine. Dick's idea was to transform the typical 'audiophile' label into a musical force. Black Dahlia's intent is to focus not only on sound quality, but on the music itself. New creative artists, who have something to say, are BDM's main reason for being.

A word about our name: Black Dahlia is a mystical symbol of rebirth; a flower that blossoms once in a million years. As a new independent label, BDM is dedicated to the goal of offering the public blossoming artists and new music with sound quality beyond the reach of mass-market labels. A blossom of music and sound captures the essence of what BDM is all about.
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